Talking book articles from ME mag

Talking book articles from ME mag

Drew is interested in providing regular Blog posts for the benefit of our clients. He also wants to provide some reference to trade magazines; such periodicals as The Master Electrician, Facility Perspective (for Facility Managers and their support contractors) and Fire Australia (from FPA). Send us an email with your feedback. So here is my idea – Talking book articles from ME mag … and others. You can use these like a podcast, which you may find more accessible than reading the magazine itself.

Here goes

Firstly From the Oct2017 issue of The Master Electrician magazine

  • The Contents list SDR_0003
  • Article about AS3000 revision due out soon : SDR_0004
  • Article about Tesla FarmsSDR_0007

Here is a link to Fire Australia, the FPA magazine site

And from the Facility Perspective – relevant to our Essential Safety Measures area of business.

  • Article about Non-compliant claddingSDR_0006

Once again here is that familiar image.




Send an email to request for to tell us what other articles to record.



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