Sub-divided commercial properties

Sub-divided commercial properties

Part 2 – an ancient specimen

While investigating the hardware in our client’s half-century old warehouse we came across this vintage sprinkler.

Kraft Crt Broady

Image 3 – sprinkler fitting on sprinkler branch line, running just under the roof


Note the older style trigger device. Metal tabs made of lead  (Pb) are set to soften at the trigger temperature, allowing the valve to open under the constant water pressure.

Stamped on the sprinkler head is 160 degrees. This would be the trigger temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, at which the lead tabs would give way – equivalent to about 75 degrees Celsius.



This item indicates its date of manufacture, 1966, which is consistent with our understanding of the age of the original part of the warehouse.

Look out for Sub-divided commercial properties – Part 3

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