Fire doors – code compliance

Fire doors – achieving initial code compliance

AS1905 (*) is the code for your fire doors. We have posted before about the tired condition of some of the fire doors in older buildings. This causes them to fall out of compliance; repair is not really a practical option and we have to report non-compliant Fire doors.

4Apr2018 264 Waterdale Rd

Manufacturer’s plate on door and frame. Some compliance issues with this – can you see them?


Inspection of new fire doors should be a more straightforward process – but there are a few details to check out to verify compliance in the initial ESM checks. And don’t forget that the door set typically includes the door frame, the door seals and the latching mechanism.

There is more to fire door compliance than having the manufacturer’s plate on the side of the door and frame.

 (*) AS1905.1:2015 Components for the protection of openings in fire-resistant walls, Part 1 Fire-resistant doorsets. Refer to the code for the full requirements, only examples are cited in this post.

What your builder should provide

As well as purchasing and installing all the required fire-resistant doorsets your builder should provide you (the owner or owner’s representative) with a certificate recording final inspections, and verifying that a manual – a dossier of the necessary evidence – has been prepared.

The manual includes a full schedule of the fire-resistant doorsets, and their details. A hard copy of the manual shall be retained on site. This is obviously a critical tool in the Essential Safety Measures maintenance process. If we ever see one we’ll add a picture of it.

Rolling out the ESM maintenance process

With the new building you may also have; punchlist items, new tenants, new ESM contracts, teething problems, etc. There are potentially many pitfalls so getting established in a robust routine can take a few trips to set-up. The AS1905.1 manual for your fire doors is an important tool in establishing the proper baseline for your fire doors.

We then come along as the Maintenance Determination schedule requires and check, for example, that signage has not been removed or changed, that door closers and latches still work as they should, that obstructions have not been introduced to impede proper fire door access or operation, that the door gaps and are within the code specs, that door seals operate properly, and so on.

However if we can’t confirm that these compliance details are met from the outset, you are not getting the protection you and your tenants need. Nor are you getting what you paid for in your new-build. And you risk being non-compliant.

How can we  help you?

Don’t risk undiscovered non-compliances. Let us help you identify them and recommend your best way forward. Make sure your builder provides the fire door manual, and that it remains on site.

Call us today on 1300 134 971.

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