Fire protection

Melbourne Fire and Electrical is the leading small-scale service provider of fire and essential services in Melbourne.

Protect your valuable assets from fire

Melbourne Fire and Electrical is equipped to undertake comprehensive site management of fire equipment and prevention in house. Our office takes complete care of all your fire services from supply, installation, testing and maintenance of:

Our fire protection experts also specialize in the maintenance and preparation of:

Fire protection sales, service and maintenance

Melbourne Fire and Electrical perform top quality, guaranteed reliable supply, testing and instal­la­tion on a range of essential fire protection products and services.

Melbourne Fire and Electricals 24 hour on call service

Melbourne Fire and Electrical maintain a 24 hour on call service which provides reliable fire protection service around the clock.

Call us today and ask about our contract agreements, guaranteeing your regular and reliable fire protection maintenance and service.

Fire extinguishers sales and serviceFire extinguisher

Melbourne Fire and Electrical expertly maintain, repair and supply all types of fire extinguishers for your home, business or industrial complex. If you want competitive quote on reliable fire extinguishers, call us today.

As part of our overall fire safety plans, Melbourne Fire and Electrical service and upgrade your existing fire extinguishers. We can replace fire extinguishers as required.

Fire hose reelsFire hose reels

Fire hose reels are used in all sorts of environments, from office blocks to apartment complexes. We supply and install standard 19mm diameter hoses with a length of 36m, positioned for easy accessibility.

Melbourne Fire and Electrical maintain fire hose reels, from the routine half-yearly inspections to repairs and replacements.

Smoke detectors

Home, commercial, industrial, sales and installationSmoke detector

Melbourne Fire and Electrical maintain 240V smoke alarms in your home, office or industrial complex. We also conduct high quality annual inspection and maintenance of 240V smoke alarms in rented homes around Melbourne. Give us a call to find out how we can assist you in maintaining your 240V smoke alarm.

Sprinkler Systems

Scheduled testing and repairsSprinkler System

Sprinkler systems are usually ceiling mounted fire suppression systems. They detect heat from a fire, sound an alarm and extinguish the flames.

Melbourne Fire and Electrical maintain all types of fire sprinkler systems. We are able to undertake regular tests from weekly up to tri-annual overhauls.

Evacuation diagramsEvacuation diagram

Melbourne Fire and Electrical draws up and places evacuation diagrams for your building. Our team members lay out or work from an existing building plan to create your fire evacuation diagrams, saving lives in an emergency.

Emergency Lighting

Replacement and scheduled testingEmergency lighting

Melbourne Fire and Electrical carry out your half-yearly routine exit and emergency light testing. We carefully and expertly clean housings, inspect electronics and conduct a discharge test of the battery to ensure reliability.

We also offer replacement of any fittings which have failed this test. Ask about our competitive pricing.

Fire indicator panel (FIP)Fire indicator panel

If a fire breaks out in your property or workplace,Fire Indicator Panels are used to raise the alarm and evacuate the building. Fire Brigades use the FIP to determine the location of the fire and best plan of attack. Melbourne Fire and Electrical test all Fire Indicator Panels along with the building’s EWIS and Intercom systems, ensuring this vital fire equipment is reliably serviceable in an emergency situation.

Thermal imaging

Find faults before they become a fireThermal imaging

Melbourne Fire and Electrical use the latest in technology to stamp out fire risks before they become a hazard. We use an infrared camera to identify faults or switchboard overloading, reducing the risk of fire. Schedule an inspection today to ensure your switchboard doesn’t become a fire hazard.

Expert fire protection advice and ongoing support

We provide expert fire protection advice and support for your home or business. Are you an owners corporation or commercial/industrial complex manager? We take care of all your fire protection needs.

Do you need electrical or wiring services or maintenance? Our in-house electricians are fully qualified, insured and waiting for your call. Contact us for more information.

Annual fire safety statements and essential services statements

Essential safety measures maintenance ensures that the safety systems installed in your building perform at optimal levels. All building owners (excluding a house or outhouse) are required to ensure their essential safety measures are maintained. Failure to do so may incur penalties.

This makes sure your tenants are adequately protected from fire over the life of the building, as if they were moving in from day one.

Our licenced technicians and safety experts make sure your building is compliant with all the points on the Building Code of Australia (BCA2006) performance requirements. We can repair or maintain any or all these points if or when necessary.

Melbourne Fire and Electrical checks and/or repairs::

  • Exit door hardware
  • Emergency lights and batteries;
  • Automatic fire detection systems;
  • Occupant warning systems;
  • Standby power systems;
  • Warning signs and evacuation plans, and;
  • Means of egress.

We ensure your fire alarms and smoke detectors are working and reliable.

Melbourne Fire and Electrical also detects faults in fire indicator panels or detectors and repairs them on the spot.

Trust Melbourne Fire and Electrical to make sure you are fully compliant and up to date with your essential services statements.

Annual Essential Services statement (AES)

The Annual Essential Services Statement declares your building’s essential safety measures component is fit for purpose and fulfills your condition of occupancy as imposed by the Occupancy Permit.

Melbourne Fire and Electrical prepare yearly Annual Essential Services statements for your residential, commercial or industrial property. We collect statements and reports from the contractors who manage the associated essential services, freeing up time for you to get on with what you do best.

Should the statements provide a satisfactory report and match the occupancy permit,we are able to sign off on the statement as agent for the building owner(s)on their authorisation.

We pride ourselves on the timely and expert preparation of this important document.

Give us a call today for your cost-effective AES quote from Melbourne Fire and Electrical.