Fire alarms, fire systems and fire alarm design

Melbourne Fire and Electrical are trained and qualified experts in maintaining, designing and installing fire alarm systems for home or business.

Our knowledge and experience means we can design a safe, reliable and effective fire alarm system for your construction project or existing building.

Melbourne Fire and Electrical design, install, certify and maintain any new or existing fire alarm systems. All our fire systems and installations are carried out to strict Australian Standards.
Honeywell wireless fire system

Call us today for a consultation to see how Melbourne Fire and Electrical can tailor a fire system and fire alarm solution for your residential or commercial property.

Fire alarm solutions in Melbourne – vital for safety

A fire alarm is activated in the presence of extreme heat or smoke. These fire alarms save lives.

Smoke detectors and fire alarms come in two different types. Photoelectric detectors sense a reduction in light due to rising smoke and raise an alarm. Ionising detectors detect smoke through a chemical process, in which smoke disrupts a critical circuit.Both are safe and effective fire alarm solutions.

Melbourne Fire and Electrical supplies, installs and repairs all types of fire alarms and smoke detectors, new or old. We can customfit and design a comprehensive and compliant fire alarm system to new developments andexisting buildings.

Are you having trouble with fire system cabling?

If cabling and wiring your fire alarm system is giving you a headache, Melbourne Fire and Electrical can help. We have a reliable and cost-effective solution that will ensure your fire alarm system is fully compliant and functional to give you peace of mind.

We use 100% compliant, top quality Honeywell Wireless Fire Products. We have successfully installed these to a number of satisfied customers on commercial premises. Honeywell products come with maintenance alert capability so you can rest assured your building or business is always protected.

To see how Honeywell wireless fire products can work in your business, contact us for a free consultation.