Security alarm monitoring services
in Melbourne

Melbourne Fire and Electrical offer reliable and cost-effective alarm monitoring systems in Melbourne’s CBD, Inner Suburbs and North West. We supply and install all kinds of alarm monitoring systems from basic to high-level, corporate grade packages. We can tailor a security alarm monitoring solution for your residential, commercial or industrial property.

Alarm monitoring by Melbourne Fire and Protection Services

Trust our quality security products and services

Melbourne Fire and Electrical sell the latest range of alarms at competitive prices. We supply and install:

  • Video verification alarm packages
  • Systems with touch panels or standard keypads
  • LCD Displays
  • Multi-user and remote operated alarms
  • Top-rated security alarms for home and business, and
  • Wireless burglar alarms

We carry trusted five-star security system brands such as Bosch, Presco, Honeywell and Paradox. Our fully trained and licenced technicians can install business security alarm systems that are Australian Standard (AS 2201.1—1998) approved to give you extra peace of mind.

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Don’t be a statistic – install home security

Did you know that the average losses from a burglary average $1,300? That’s just the value of goods taken; you’ll spend a lot more in time and money waiting for insurance and replacing your items. It’s a reason why 1 in 6 Australian homeowners have invested in an electronic monitored security systems. Many Australians report they feel safer knowing they’ve installed a home security system with video verified alarm monitoring.

How security alarm monitoring works

A monitored alarm system springs to action when an unauthorised entry takes place on your property. This triggers a signal which is sent to a remote operator. The operator can dispatch a patrol guard or emergency services, depending on the nature of the intrusion. Our operators are on guard 24/7 and notify you in the event of:

  • An unauthorised intrusion onto your property
  • Entry after business hours
  • If you have forgotten to arm your security system
  • Unusual behaviour (e.g. alarm disarmed outside of normal hours)
  • Power failure, and
  • Low battery

Monitored security alarms give you peace of mind in knowing your property is 100% protected, day or night. Give us a call for a free consultation.

The 24/7 monitored difference

Melbourne Fire And Electrical’s state of the art Control Rooms monitor your property and are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Each and every call to the Control Room is answered in real-time by our team of fully trained operators. Our security monitoring centres use advanced security monitoring technology, providing you the best security monitoring service with guaranteed quickest response times when you really need it.

We offer the following alarm systems:

  • Home security alarms
  • Business alarms
  • Wireless burglar alarms & installation services

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Melbourne Fire and Electrical offers alarm monitoring specials from as little as $29.99 per month. We make choosing the best and most reliable monitoring for your home or business’ needs easy. Discuss your options with a qualified technician today. Hurry, as our offers are only available for a limited time only.

Our security alarm monitoring solutions

Melbourne Fire and Electrical offer a wide range of security alarm monitoring solutions. We offer:

security alarm types

Dialler Alarms

The most common system available on the market, and the most cost effective. Monthly fees are low but call charges are incurred for test and open/close events. N.B: If the phone line goes down, so does the signal to the control room.

GSM Alarms

Alarm signal is carried by the GSM Mobile network, so the control room is kept in constant contact.

IP Alarms

IP Alarms work on high-speed data networks to maintain your property’s security. It also features a keepalive “heartbeat” system that sends small packets of data back to base every 60 or 90 seconds to make sure communication is up and running at all times.

GPRS (Multi-path) Alarms

Similar to the IP and GSM alarm monitoring systems, GPRS Multi-Path systems use both methods to keep in contact with the base. Melbourne Fire and Electrical use the industry leading EMIZON system, which offers all graded security levels as defined by top insurance companies and Australian Standards.

Video Verification Alarm Monitoring

Melbourne Fire and Electrical sells, installs and highly recommends Videofied™ Video Verification alarm monitoring. This system has the distinct advantage of automatically dispatching police* or patrol responses in the event of alarm activation or hold-up.

When alarm sensors are activated, Videofied takes footage of the room, determining whether an intruder is present. Its smart technology sends a 10-second clip to the owner’s email, and is notified by phone call.

The control room can instantly verify if an intrusion has taken place and dispatch police or patrols as necessary. It never wastes your time or the time of law enforcement.

A completely wireless solution, the Videofied system runs independently of mains power and will last years without need for battery replacement.

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*Subject to law enforcement, Government and police policy.