What is access control?

Access controlAn access control system restricts or allows certain people or vehicles in and out of a building. Put simply, it only allows the people you specifically authorise and trust into your building or certain parts of your facility.

By using swipe cards, an access PIN, fingerprints or photo identification, access control keeps would-be intruders out and protects your property and people.

Access control methods

You may have encountered access control in your daily life. If you’ve needed a swipe card or PIN to enter a building or a certain area of a building, this is an example of access control. Melbourne Fire and Electrical supply and install the following access control methods:

Swipe card

Swipe cards

Photo ID card

Photo ID cards

Personal ID numbers

Personal ID numbers

Fingerprint reader

Fingerprint access

Melbourne Fire and Electrical can sit down with you and tailor an access control solution that will suit your home or business.

Access control can be remotely operated

Access control can also be operated remotely so you don’t need to be on site to make changes. A central administrator can remotely hone in via PC to manage the system. These systems are used successfully in office buildings, hotels, apartments, airports, universities, prisons, financial institutions and many other facilities that depend on the access control protection.

Melbourne Fire and Electrical sits down with you to plan your access control solution. To learn more about how access control can work for you, contact us for a free consultation.

Why is access control important?

If you want to make sure your property or business is 100% protected from unauthorised personnel, you need access control. Access control is a tried and trusted security measure preventing break-ins and theft. Access control methods such as swipe cards or fingerprint access tracks who is in your building and when. Melbourne Fire and Electrical sell and install many types of access control solutions. Contact us today to find out more about a custom access control system that meets your requirements and budget.