Fire pump system upgrade

Fire pump system upgrade

The fire pump system upgrade referred to below followed on from some work we did last year. On this day work centred on pump replacements.

Several months ago a regular client of ours requested us to run the 5 yearly hydrant test at one if their premises. Pretty quickly it was established that the necessary flow rate was not being achieved.From our the our point of view, we simply reported a TEST FAIL.  Our client choose to take further action in which we were not involved.
Almost a year later however we spent A LOT of last month in assisting with installation and commissioning  of the newly purchased replacement pumps. These were specified as like-for-like. The previous pumps were probably 20 to 30 years old. Our scope has included upgrading the associated switchboard, and a general equipment maintenance campaign, as required, to bring the whole system up to a good working order.

Here are some images of the pump house and water tank.

Image 1 – Bushes cut back at the valve station. Controls pulled out prior to re-running the wiring.


Image 2 – Re-wiring for the relocated switchboard and damaged controller wiring.




Image 3 – The old pumps ready for disposal.

I can tell you that a little bit of “gardening” came into our activities too, to ensure safe access. We are not often engaged to do gardening! – but it had to be done.

Image 4 – Pump house and water tank with the newly cleared pathway.