Your questions answered

Your questions answered

We often find when we arrive on site that Owners and Facility Managers are keen to meet code and industry standards, but are looking for better ways to achieve this. Or they may have created a novel solution and they want to show us their “new idea”.

Another bunch of queries we get relate to the need for certain practices, or a better understanding of the reasoning behind some compliance requirements, and critically, how they can lower their costs. We are only too happy to assist our client to get a better understanding, and get rid of cost ineffective activities, or help reduce costs by working together with a clear understanding of the essentials

Upcoming Blog topics

In fact we get some questions over and over again so we’ve outlined a handful of Blog topics below.
Feel free to comment on this topic list or raise additional topics if your favourite is missing. Plz don’t use the “Leave a comment” link on our Blog page (because it is “broken” at present). Instead send an email to Drew – he loves emails from clients.


Seq Title wk
1 Fire blanket deployed 8
2 PLAN for the year. 11
1  Fire Alarm Installation
2  Block plans for buildings
3  Hydrant flow testing
4  Repairing a fire alarm system
5  Monthly Maintenance of a fire alarm system
6  My fire pump controller: We have the answer to let you sleep at night. Ps – What is a PRV and can it save my building?
7  What is the difference between a conventional and analogue fire detector
8  Why do I have to test my sprinkler heads? Why do the chemical properties of sprinkler heads change?
9  I’m getting quotes for essential services but I don’t know what I’m getting quotes for? Heres our easy to read guide on what you are asking for.
10  How do you test a buildings passive elements? What should the report look like?
11  How do you test a fire hose reel?
12  Why would you choose MFE over a big company? I think the answer depends!
13  Why are sprinkler fitters so expensive?
14  Scope: You need to know what you are asking for when getting a quote for essential services, it makes a big difference… or does it?
15  Difference between preparing an AESMR for $120, for free, paying someone $500.00 or paying $$$$ for an audit……..
16  How do do your own AESMR? Would you like us to do it for you?
17  Who should you trust with your fire inspections?  Do I go with a big company or a small company? How can I tell the difference between a good and bad company?
18  What are passive fire inspections?
19  What to do with old fire extinguishers
20  Why do conventional smoke alarms only last 10 years

Of course we’ll still write posts about the interesting, and downright weird, things we come across as we go about our regular fire maintenance inspection business.