Fire extinguishers – used as intended

Fire extinguishers.

Fire management equipment can be seen every where, but how often do you see it used in an emergency? Earlier this month one of our clients had cause to deploy a dry powder fire extinguisher and a fire blanket, in a busy commercial kitchen. The fire was quickly controlled. They then contacted us to replace the two pieces of used equipment.

These pieces of equipment are both classed as fire extinguishers.

Fire blanket

This fire blanket was quickly and effectively deployed. It was hanging nearby the fire and the kitchen staff quickly pulled the two straps as intended, to release the blanket and spread it quickly over the fire. In this case, only scorch marks on the blanket remain.

The red pack shows how to get hold of your blanket;
and how to re-fold the fire blanket, but this is not required as the fire blanket should be disposed of after use.

For effective use the fire blanket must be mounted by hanging it from above, within easy reach, and with no obstruction to quick access.



The blanket must comply with AS/NZS 3504. Nevertheless most fire blankets we see were made in China.


Below is the commonly available Aldi product, which of course, still complies with the standard. It is used in exactly the same way. Again – these are NOT to be re-folded after use, but discarded.







How can we help?

Call us on 1300 134 971.

We can confirm your fire blankets and other fire extinguishers are code compliant and properly mounted. We will arrange to check them on a regular basis and replace them quickly if they are used (following your call) or if they are found to be out of date.