Quality Control

Quality Control

Our Fire Protection Services customers sometimes come to us with tales of woe regarding substandard work done by previous service providers. Corner cutting seems to take place when prices have been cut too low, to win the work. However you can’t actually keep supplying services where the contract price doesn’t cover your costs. Something has to give and although AS 1851 is quite clear on scheduling of routine services and frequency of inspection of each function of each type of equipment it is all too easy to fall behind.

We pride ourselves on keeping on top of things That is what you pay us for after all. But to ensure no complacency creeps in we occasionally have one of our guys do a follow up check on routine servicing, just to be sure.

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Electric switchboard

Electric switchboard

Melbourne Fire and Electrical are able to carry out your regular electrical works, for minor or major changes. This includes that key element of your electrical safety, the electric switchboard itself. And of course we keep fire safety in mind.

We are always on the lookout for ways to improve the fires safety of your electrical equipment.  Some of these enhanced safety features are mandated by regulations, others may be recommended for consideration in regs or the AS codes as a way to deal with typical health and safety risks arising in built facilities. Here is an example of an electric switchboard safety feature that can be a life saver in certain fire situations

Smoke seals in Electric switchboards

Fire investigations reveal that components in the electric switchboard can themselves be the instigator of a fire which escalates to involve the building at large. Many regulations and equipment safety features are designed to prevent fire initiation in electrical equipment, but if these fail another layer of safety can slow or stop further escalation.

Switchboard cabinet door smoke seals will provide an additional protective measure, and improve the outcome of a switchboard fire. They can add time, the time needed for building occupants to exit the building before being engulfed in smoke.

260 Lt Collins

Electric switchboard cabinet with door seal

These seals are meant to deal with a switchboard fire which is smouldering or has already ignited.Typically these circumstances will leead to emission of voluminous quantities of smoke, dangerously reducing visibility and complete with deadly combustion compounds. By lining the cabinet with fire resistant material and sealing all round the cabinet door to prevent smoke escaping, precious time can allow inhabitants to be alerted and to leave the building safely.
The seals should avoid the use of materials likely to be flammable or to add to the health risk posed by the burning switchboard components.

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Hydrant testing

Routine service – Fire hydrant testing

Here we are doing a hydrant test at a facility in greater Melbourne – throwing some water around !

Ask Drew where

Image 1 Hydrant partway uphill

The preparation can take a bit of time but the test itself can be done fairly quickly.  This is our second test for the day at this facility. The hydrant we tested earlier was at the lower end of the property.  For this second hydrant we’re 5 m further uphill, so about 50 kPa drop in static pressure straight away

Static pressure here is 700 kPa – which is good. BUT is there enough water to provide the required flow rate? Target flow is 300 l/min (or 5 l/sec).

The test gets underway, and within about 40 seconds the flow stabilises. Result – just over 300 l/min and a residual pressure of 600 kPa. (a.k.a. dynamic pressure).

All is good.

Flow Testing Fire Hydrant Melbourne

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