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Initiating your Fire Equipment Inventory

When taking a new client on board, or a new building, an important task is to confirm the Fire Equipment inventory provided by the Facility Manager. Where this list doesn’t exist, a discovery exercise is required. Some times the client looks for us to identify what they should have.
Last week we conducted such a discovery investigation. This included the deliberately very visible fire fighting equipment; in particular fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire hydrants. As part of the process we also effectively conducted the standard 6 monthly check of these items

Equipment checklist

So what are the first things to check?
Is there a piece of equipment present? what is its location? Is there an easy to see location sign? Is it easy to keep clear access to the item?

For a fire extinguisher – Is there an adjacent sign indicating contents? Does it match the contents of the extinguisher? Is the extinguisher (sometimes known as a ‘can’) securely mounted? What weight of contents is nominated?

Further checks for the fire extinguisher – Is the pressure gauge present , in reasonable looking condition, indicating an acceptable (green range) pressure? Is the easily-removable lock pin in position and easy to remove (check without removing)

fire extinguisher with sign melbourne

fire extinguisher with sign melbourne

fire extinguisher melbourne

fire extinguisher melbourne








Other considerations

Is the yellow, metal tag attached to record AS1851 inspections? Is the inspection stamp date within the last 6 months?

Are there sufficient pieces of equipment, and of the appropriate type and capacity, to comply with AS standards, and to tackle a fire in the particular facility your looking at?
In one sad case we found the fire extinguisher locations sign, along with a fire blanket sign, in a space now used for storage and definitely devoid of either of the items indicated – they will have to be removed.

How can we help you?

Call us 1300 134 971 for your 6 monthly fire equipment checks, or invite us along for a voyage of discovery in your premises and get with the program.

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