Fire hydant pressure and flow testing Melbourne

Annual flow testing of fire hydrant systems

Melbourne Fire and Electrical peforms hydrostatic pressure and booster flow testing with our flow test unit.

Hydrants are used by the MFB and CFA when fire fighting. Boosters are provided to supply additional water to the hydrant system. The Fire Brigade relies on hydrants more than the other equipment.

Purpose of AS1851.2005 yearly and 5 hydrant service & testing

To ensure the hydrant system will sustain fire fighting operations & to prove there are no obstructions or impediments in the system that may restrict the water flows and pressures available. Over time, pipework, valves & pumps corrode and deteriorate. Failure of the hydrant system may result.

In order to prove the system will operate, it is a requirement of AS1851  to perform 5 yearly testing:

  • Hydrostatic pressure testing

Proves the hydrant system can sustain the elevated water pressures required during Fire Brigade operations

  • Hydrant booster flow testing

Simulates Fire Brigade operations when fire fighting – under the required water flows & pressures.

A critical, but until now overlooked component of the 5 yearly service & testing is the booster flow test. The flows required through the boosters are substantial – flows that only a Fire Brigade pumper can deliver.

Why is this fire hydrant testing important?

  • The Fire Brigade relies on the hydrant system when fire fighting. It must operate as designed when called upon
  • Over time the hydrant system will deteriorate internally and restrictions result. We have found many systems with badly corroded/obstructed valving.
  • Avoid water damage caused by system failure
  • Required by AS1851 – This is the recognised standard in Australia to which we inspect, test and maintain fire equipment

Services provided:

  • Annual, 5, 10, 25 servicing and testing
  • To AS1851, AS2419, AS2118
  • Hydrant hydrostatic pressure test
  • Hydrant booster flow testing
  • Booster service/overhaul
  • Fire pump & valve service/overhaul
  • Sprinkler system service/overhaul

How Can MFE Help?

MFE have operational fire fighters, sprinkler fitters and industrial electricians working in our business. This means we are able to service, operate and test your fire hydrant system.

This means that we are able to test your fire hydrant system with our operations fire pump and flow testing equipment to AS1851 (6 monthly, yearly and 5 yearly ) inspection and testing.

Please call us today on 1300 134 971 to chat about your fire hydrant testing Melbourne requirements.


MFB requirements for fire extinguishers

Recently on a routine building inspection by the local MFB, the station officer mentioned that GL16 is the principle document used by the MFB when considering the layout of fire extinguishers.

I recommend that when considering whether your building has enough fire extinguishers you consider the MFB Guidelines GL16.  If you have any questions relating to your fire extinguisher maintenance or sales in Melbourne give our friendly team a call on 1300 134 971.